About us

GLOSYA was founded by four Swiss entrepreneurs who share a common love and solid knowledge of Africa; and who are wholly convinced that it has the potential to become the continent of the future. They bring to the table a comprehensive range of expertise and experience, notably in the domains of media relations, information technology, finance and legal frameworks as well as a thorough understanding of the humanitarian dimension.


  • To encourage Swiss corporations and institutions to develop their activities in Africa.
  • To enable the setting up in Africa of interested companies and institutions.
  • To facilitate access to Swiss markets for African companies and institutions.



Bernard Stoessel

Bernard spent nearly three decades in the UBS group, for the most part in senior management posts. In his capacity as head of units dedicated to client entities made up of more than 100 people and representing multi-billion financial volumes, he became increasingly convinced that the human dimension was a critical factor in the achievement of business success. Subsequently, towards the end of his banking career, he assumed responsibility for the wealth management department dealing with clients domiciled in sub-Saharan Africa. This period not only reinforced his belief that the human dimension was a vital consideration but also convinced him more than ever that the African continent would mark the future of global economic growth. This inspired him to renounce his salaried status to launch his own management and human resources consultancy. From this platform, he is active in the creation of start-ups as a founder member. Two such initiatives focus on Africa: Alparq Sarl, for which he is responsible for finance, and Glosya, which he chairs.


Thierry Dime

A graduate of the University of Lugano (USI) in Italian-speaking Switzerland, Thierry Dime lost no time before embarking on an entrepreneurial career and, indeed, established his first company whilst still a student. A passionate communicator, he soon recognised the growing potential of the media in society and rapidly rose to become an influential press owner by launching several new publications, including notably “Monde Economique” (World Economy), a leading Swiss news and economic analysis magazine. Primarily aimed at business leaders, managers and decision makers, the success of this authoritative publication may be attributed to its almost exclusive focus on key economic parameters and leading figures in the field.

Through his regular meetings with such personalities, Thierry Dime has forged the impressive professional network that now constitutes a prime asset for the development of GLOSYA’s activities and outreach. In addition, thanks to his constantly creative mind and consummate ability to multitask, Thierry Dime is still able to devote part of his time to providing high-level media relations advice to leading executive decision-makers, drawn from both the public and private sectors in Switzerland and beyond (communications audits – analysis of opinions and trends – market positioning studies – communications support). He is a member of several prominent business circles and boards.


Pascal Schneiter

Pascal Schneiter has a degree in economics complemented with an MBA delivered by the University of Geneva. He worked for nearly 15 years with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), occupying several senior postings, principally in Africa but also in Asia and the Middle East. Following this period of foreign duty, Pascal returned to the ICRC headquarters in Geneva, where he joined the executive team overseeing operations in Africa, with particular responsibility as head of financial and management issues. In 2005, he was hired by UBS AG as client adviser dealing with the accounts of international organisations. He was subsequently entrusted with responsibility within the bank’s wealth management department for a portfolio of clients domiciled in sub-Saharan Africa. In 2015, he left UBS to set up several companies active in Africa, including Alparq Sarl (www.alparq.com), of which he is CEO.

Pietro Bongiovanni

Pietro Bongiovanni

The holder of several Swiss federal professional training diplomas (CFAs), Pietro Bongiovanni began early in his career to focus on his passion for software programming. In 1996, a period of intense innovation in the field of multimedia, he established MCA (Multimedia Concept for Advertising) and from 2002 began developing a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning software known at the time as ASP. Since then, he has built up a wide range of software, all promoted under the banner MCA Concept.

A passionate humanitarian, Pietro Bongiovanni, has forged extensive international relations aimed at promoting assistance programmes. Several projects have been developed in Europe, the former Eastern bloc and Africa. A dedicated team of upwards of fifteen persons is in place to provide him with assistance in the field as and when necessary.

Pietro Bongiovanni is active with several non-governmental organisations and associations in Switzerland, including Crelac (a business networking centre covering La Côte region of Switzerland), of which he is a founding member and current President. The aim of this group is to help entrepreneurs promote their respective companies and offer a targeted programme of conferences and other initiatives to enhance their knowledge. Based as it is on innovation, the opening of new markets and the development of wider human relations, Pietro Bongiovanni finds in Glosya a logical extension for the kind of entrepreneurial activities that have distinguished his career.


Suketu Naik

Dr Suketu Naik, who hails originally from Zimbabwe, holds a number of academic distinctions, including an MBA from Africa University, Zimbabwe, a bachelor degree in Veterinary Science and various degrees in strategic and financial management. He is the chair of several companies, including Milborrow Animal Health P/L, which is active in the distribution of veterinary products, Shamrock Pharmacy, the largest pharmacy chain in Zimbabwe, and Lemex Products P/L, which is engaged in the distribution of medical equipment. He also serves on several boards, including that of the MBCA Bank, which is a member of the Nedbank SA group. A committed multi entrepreneur, Suketu Naik benefits from an extensive network of corporate executives as well as influential personalities drawn from a wide range of international and governmental institutions. He is a partner of Alparq Sarl and Alparq Mauritius, as well as Glosya Sarl, for which he serves as head of the representative office in Mauritius, where he is now domiciled.


Eric Vazey

A partner of the Geneva law firm MONTAVON MERMIER VAZEY REALINI, Eric VAZEY has been registered with the Geneva Bar since 2001.

His specialties are judicial activity, international judicial cooperation in the fields of criminal and administrative law, the negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts, and banking and financial law. Other areas of expertise include international trade law and financing, and commodities trading.

Eric VAZEY also advises and facilitates international companies and individuals wishing to establish themselves in Switzerland.

His clients include individuals, Swiss and international companies, governments and state-owned enterprises, foreign embassies and diplomatic missions accredited to international organisations.

He is active on the African continent, where his expertise is frequently called upon to facilitate the successful execution of government and private business.

Eric VAZEY is a member of the Bar of Geneva as well as the Swiss Bar Association. He is affiliated to the self-regulatory body overseeing financial services operated under the auspices of the Swiss Bar Association (FSA) and the Swiss Federation of Notaries (FSN). His working languages ​​are French and English.